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The History of THE WOODSMAN Play

Play originally created by Diana Stall and James Ortiz (2012 - 2013)

Authors: Edward W. Hardy, Jennifer Loring & James Ortiz (2012)


Originally Directed by James Ortiz (2012 - 2013)

Directed by James Ortiz & Claire Karpen (2014 -2015)

Associate Director: Devin Dunne Cannon (2015)

Lyrics by Jennifer Loring (2012)

Music Director/Violinist: Edward W. Hardy (2012 - 2015)

Music Composed by Edward W. Hardy (2012)


Originally Produced by Steven Laing & Jason Ralph (2012 - 2014)

Produced by Strangemen & Co., Robb Nanus, Rachel Sussman, 

Leo Mizuhara (2015)

Associate Producer: Rebecca Black (2015) 


Original Cast (2012- 2013):  Ismenia Mendes (Nimmee), 

Will Gallacher (Pa/Tinker), Edward W. Hardy (Munchkin/Violinist),

Jennifer Loring (Ma), Morgan Auld (Munchkin), Sofia Lauwers (Tinker),

Amanda Lederer (The Witch/Tinker),  James Ortiz (Nick Chopper),

Carol Uraneck (The Witch).


Original Off-Broadway Cast (2014): Ben Bass*, Devin Dunne Cannon*,

Will Gallacher, Edward W. Hardy, Amanda Lederer, Aaron McDaniel*,

James Ortiz, Eliza Simpson*, Meghan St. Thomas* and Carol Uraneck.


Off-Broadway Cast (2015): Ben Bass, Lauren Nordvig*, Will Gallacher, Edward W. Hardy, Amanda A. Lederer, Alex J. Gould*, James Ortiz,

Eliza Simpson, Meghan St. Thomas and Sophia Zukoski*.

*New additions to the cast


Production Stage Manager: Kate Kuhle (2012 - 2013)

Production Stage Manager: Christina Aguilar (2014)

Production Stage Manager: Natalie Price (2015)

Assistant Stage Manager: Geoff Maus (2014 -2015)

Lighting Design by Catherine Clark and Jamie Roderick (2013)

Prop Designer by Sarah Dowling (2013)

Puppet Design and Scenic Design by James Ortiz (2012 - 2015)

Costume Design by Carol Uraneck (2012 - 2015) 

Assistant Costume Design by Michelle Pitt (2014)

Costume Coordinated by Molly Seidel (2015)

Choreography by Carol Uraneck (2012)

Scenic Painter: Liz Lundberg (2014)

Press: Polk & Co. (2015)


Edward W. Hardy_The Woodsman Play_Off Off Broadway Cast_20130115_Standard ToyKraft
Edward W. Hardy_The Woodsman Play_20130630_Ars Nova

Edward W. Hardy is a co-conceiver of THE WOODSMAN along with James Ortiz and since its' inception has performed in Strangemen Theatre Company's first annual aPlay &aParty, performances at Standard Toykraft, Ars Nova's ANT FEST, a 3 week sold-out run at 5 E59 Theaters, and a 6 week sold-out run at 59E59 Theaters.


Based upon the forgotten writings of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz-- "The Woodsman" focuses on the story of Nick Chopper, a mortal, a woodsman who falls deeply in love with a young woman.  He professes his love and promises marriage.  Unbeknownst to him, this beautiful young woman is under the guardianship of a horrible sorceress---the Wicked Witch of the East.


The witch puts a powerful curse on the woodsman's axe. Shockingly, he finds himself, losing himself piece by piece. Holding onto the memory of the love shared together with his betrothed, and determined not to be defeated, Nick is replaced part by part with a mechanical limb. Assuring his love, his heart is still true, until the day he is completely transformed into something, something else, A Tin Man.


Believing that love can no longer exist between he and his beloved, he releases his true love from the bondage of his circumstances.  They speak of him, The Tin Woodsman, left alone to rust in the forest, left alone without his heart.


Utilizing Bunraku puppetry, movement, and live accompaniment, "The Woodsman" delves deeper into the beloved character's history and offers a unique, heartbreaking, and adult perspective on this classic story.

Edward W. Hardy_The Woodsman Play_Off Broadway Cast_20140120_59E59 Theaters


THE WOODSMAN is separately owned by co-authors Edward W. Hardy (music copyright holder), James Ortiz (stage directions/ puppet design). Matters between Hardy v Ortiz et al. are unresolved.

BroadwayHD & BlueBarn Theatre has not compensated Hardy for use of his musical work.

The Purchase, rental or use of THE WOODSMAN (MUSICAL SCORE) does not constitute a license to use in a public or private performance, screening or presentation. A performance, screening or presentation without a license from Edward W. Hardy is a violation of United States copyright law and an actionable federal offense. 


Unauthorized copying, arranging, recording, internet posting, public performance, or other distribution of

THE WOODSMAN (MUSICAL SCORE) is an infringement of copyright. Infringers are liable under the law.

Edward W. Hardy_The Woodsman Play_Off Off Broadway Cast_20150120_59E59 Theaters


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